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The allure of laminate flooring

Laminate made its way onto the US flooring market as the very first wood-look flooring. Since that time, it has been a popular alternative to the “real thing”, and many homeowners have been loyal to the product line ever since. Advancements in manufacturing technologies that make the product better over time only makes that loyalty even easier to offer. It’s possible that it may be the very floor covering you need to meet your unique set of requirements for a floor covering.

Scranton Flooring and Supply proudly offers a wide variety of quality floor coverings and related services. We are also proud to offer a hometown atmosphere that is friendly, informative, and places customer service in first place, every single time. We invite you to visit us at our showroom in Norfolk, Nebraska for yourself, to see how we can assist you with your flooring needs, just as we assist those in the areas of Norfolk, Battle Creek, Tilden, Albion, and West Point.

Laminate options and benefits

Laminate floors have a variety of benefits, but since durability is a major issue for homeowners, manufacturers make sure to address this one first. Constructed of a stable backing material, a design layer is then applied. The design layer is where the realistic mimicking of solid hardwood flooring comes into play. Looks include a variety of species types, stain colors and finish options, and matches textures as well.

Ease of maintenance is another reason many homeowners choose laminate. Since real hardwood takes a bit more time and energy, the ease with which laminate floors can be cleaned and maintained is a big plus. In most cases, all you’ll need is a broom and a damp mop, and your floors will look showroom perfect for years to come.

For those who need a bit more from their flooring, water resistant laminate offers even more peace of mind. This gives you the ability to install this flooring in foyers, kitchens, and bathrooms, without the unnecessary worry of water damage. Be sure to ask your flooring specialist about specific details of this product, to make sure it meets your own needs.

Laminate is an easy install, so your installation crew will be in and out quickly. You’ll be left with a gorgeous floor covering that you can walk on immediately and will enjoy for many years.

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